Last Minute Reminders / Event Guidelines

We are so excited to see our EAST friends and cannot wait to celebrate with you soon.   As we are finalizing plans, we wanted to provide you with last minute reminders for the event. Contact us with questions. See you soon!

Conference Etiquette

Be a good representative of EAST and your EAST program.  Letters will be sent to your administration to share our high expectations for EAST programs particularly related to participation and dress guidelines as well as an invitation from the EAST Initiative to visit the exhibits.


  • Celebrate your program by sharing projects with conference guests
  • Put away cell phones or music players so you can be fully engaged
  • Quiet Zone (see website under PIA) in place on March 2 during judging
  • Know your local administrative passwords for technology usage at conference


You can begin purchasing EAST Gear at 9am on Wednesday, March 2.  Don’t forget about your  EAST students not coming to the event.  Extra Conference t-shirts will be available for $10 on Thursday, March 3 at the Gear Booth.

Airport Shuttle

If you requested an airport shuttle, confirmation emails have been sent with your detailed shuttle schedule. 

Hotel Curfew

The Austin, Embassy Suites, Comfort Suites and Comfort Inn & Suites hotels have an 11 PM curfew for EAST Conference participants.  Remember, elevators are for transporting you to your room, and not an amusement park. Facilitators please help us in our efforts to make sure that your students AND other EAST students representing their programs well.   

Name Tags & Image Release Forms

Remember to print a 3 x 4 name tag for each participant coming from your school. We will provide the lanyard and badge holder for all facilitators, chaperones, and students registered.  [Name tags must be worn at all times in the convention center.] If you need to print at conference, please use the business center at your hotel as no print services will be available at the conference.

Double check your conference roster on the conference website.  If there is a “view” listed by the participant name we have received their signed image release form.  If you see a “n/a” this means that we didn’t receive a signed image release form for that individual.  Please bring signed forms for anyone that has a “n/a” by their name AND for chaperones coming with your school.  If a form is not received, we will provide a sticker for that individual that must be placed on their name tag. 

Hotel & Emergency Contact Forms

Print from the website in advance (arrival procedure page) to expedite the on-site registration process. Complete the form and turn it in at the registration desk. Hotel room numbers can be added later. Chaperone cell phone numbers and the hotel where your school is staying are the details needed upon arrival.

National Service Project Posters

Remember to drop off your poster at on-site registration to display projects your program has worked on with this year's national service project focus.  We are excited to celebrate these projects this year and will be putting these on a wall on the exhibit hall floor.

Trout Fishing in America

It’s not too late to order tickets for this exciting concert.  Trout Fishing in America is a 4 time Grammy Award Nominee.  Tickets will be available to purchase at the Gear Booth on-site for $7 each. Don’t miss out on a chance to hear some great, fun music in a safe and convenient location, and for the opportunity to mingle with other EAST students.

Program Impact Assessment

Wednesday, March 2 begins the Program Impact Assessment. You should know your assessment time but there will also be a handout in your registration bag to use as a reference.  Remember the students presenting to the judges should be in their booth an hour before to an hour after your scheduled judging time. 

Breakout Sessions

These are available to help you learn new information, gain new skills and enhance current projects.

  • Breakout Sessions begin March 2 at 9am. 
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early for the sessions you have signed up for or for sessions you hope to attend.
  • The Ambassador Team and staff will check rosters for priority seating.  If you registered in advance you have first priority into the session. 
  • Not signed up for the session? Arrive early. If the session is not full by the start time then you will be allowed in to the room to fill the empty seats.
  • As the session ends, you will receive an attendance card and comment card.  Provide the attendance cards and any notes you took to your facilitators so they can keep track of the sessions everyone from their program attended.  Fill out the comment cards with detailed feedback and drop these any time in the comment card boxes positioned in the hall outside the breakout session rooms.


The EAST Banquet is the largest celebration of EAST schools that we have all year.  As you prepare for this activity please keep the following things in mind: 

  • In your registration bag you will be provided with tickets that corresponded to a specific seating section and seating time. 
    • Elementary 5:55 PM
    • Groups 1 & 3 – 6:00 PM
    • Groups 2 & 4 – 6:15 pm
  • This is a formal banquet activity. It consists of a nice “sit down” meal and high energy program. There will be student presentations from the stage and guest speakers. In addition to EAST schools and community supporters there will be numerous “VIPS” on hand from across the nation.
  • The dress for this event will be business and professional dress. This is a formal occasion and we ask that everyone dress appropriately.
  • We have over 2100 people joining us.  We need to all work together to make sure that seating flows as smooth as possible.  Please be mindful of the following:
    • Arrive before your designated seating time.  Please do not send one or two participants ahead of your group to save a table. If you come together, then you can sit together.
    • Everyone must have a ticket to enter.  Bundled tickets will not be accepted.  
    • You must sit in your assigned section so keep your ticket stub.  If there is a question and you do not have your stub on hand you will be asked to move.  
    • All groups do not all have 10 individuals therefore there will be holes at some tables. As you assemble, please group your seats in such a way that the holes are together at the table.
    • Please be friendly and accommodating to other schools as they try to fill these holes. One of our goals is to allow students, facilitators, and supporters the opportunity to get to know each other and to learn how others experience EAST.
    • If you do need to split up, there will be staff and volunteers on hand to help direct you to open seats.
    • With such a large crowd it is important to be friendly and accommodating to those around you. Please keep conversation down during the program in respect of those around you. We further ask that you understand that conversation and noise in the restrooms and hallways carries into the banquet hall.
    • Begin eating when ready. Dinner will be served when the majority of the crowd has been seated.
    • And finally, remember that this is a celebration of EAST. Applaud when things happen that you feel are worthy and enjoy the show. Have a good time.

Luggage Storage

Complimentary luggage storage will be provided on Thursday on the far side of the convention center by the Embassy Suites.  Luggage will be tagged and a bellman will be available to assist with this process. 


Throughout the Conference, security will be onsite to help monitor the exhibit hall floor during transitional times. However, please do not leave portable items unattended in public areas.

It is extremely important that you label everything your program brings to the conference. This way we can return any lost items to the appropriate person.  Also, please take all valuable and portable items to your hotel room each evening. This will aid in their protection. 

Note: EAST Initiative is not responsible for loss of or damage to any valuables or other items of any participant in the Conference. 

Closing Session & Booth Breakdown

The Ambassador Team will lead us in this session which will mark the close of the 2011 EAST Conference.  At 12:30 PM on Thursday, March 3, all participants will be asked to begin moving to the upper bleachers within the exhibit hall/arena.  This session is expected to begin at 12:45 PM.  Booth breakdown will begin directly after the closing session is complete. Schools failing to comply with this request will face a penalty on subsequent activities.

It is my understanding that several media outlets will be in attendance on both Wednesday and Thursday so please be prepared for this.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this effort.

Parking Lots and Unattended Vehicles

Convention center and EAST staff will monitor the loading dock and back parking lot before and during booth breakdown/move out. 

Note:  Do not leave vehicles unattended.  Unattended vehicles and vehicles that are blocking the loading dock or entrances and exits of parking lots are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.

Watch Party

Set up a watch party! EAST will be streaming the Opening Plenary & Banquet live along with footage from the exhibit hall floor available on Wednesday and Thursday when exhibits are open. Click here for details.


Bring extra supplies and label everything. Any lost & found items will be held at the gear booth.

  • Bring a first-aid kit and sewing kit for those unexpected emergencies.  Notify EAST staff if any injury occurs.
  • Have a plan for meals (food purchased at restaurants outside of the convention center cannot be eaten inside the convention center). Concessions stands will be open for your convenience beginning Tuesday at 10am.
  • Know your local administrative passwords to be sure you can use your equipment in Hot Springs.
  • Bring your cell phone for an interactive experience during the Opening Plenary. We will be voting live to finalize our poster competition winners.

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