Documentation Team Members

Congratulations to the students below who will be documenting the 2011 EAST Conference. Details will be sent to the facilitators and students soon.

2011 Documentation Team    
Audio Technician Alec Smith Camden Fairview High School
Audio Technician Matthew Brandon Jonesboro High School
Audio Technician Ryan Hefley Stuttgart High School
Video Editor Reed Flocks Greenwood High School
Video Editor Tevin Wooten Camden Fairview HIgh School
Videographer Clark Holt Lakeside High School Hot Springs
Videographer Erika Lindsay Greenwood High School 
Videographer Anthony Grummer Camden Fairview High School
Photographer Amanda Mitchell Clinton High School
Photographer Caitlynn Spaulding Northeast Technology Center
Photographer Jennifer MIllsaps Mount Vernon-Enola High School
Virtual Reality Producer Blayne Cameron-Wyatt Greenbrier Junior High School
Virtual Reality Producer Jarrett Frizzell Star City High School

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