National Service Project Celebration

At the 2010 EAST Conference, the 2011 National Service Project was announced. This year EAST is pairing with the USO (United Service Organizations) to support the military and their families. Since then, thousands of EAST students have joined the effort. We will celebrate these projects at the 2011 EAST Conference and we need your help! Here is what you can do:

1.  Add USO Projects to the EAST Project Database

Share information about your project on the EAST project database.  This will not only serve as a resource for other students, but will allow the EAST and USO staff to assess the impact of this nationwide project. Also note: this will fulfill one component of the PIA Pre-Conference Activities requirements. The database will be reviewed for USO entries on February 11.

2.  Display Your USO Projects at Conference

We hope all EAST programs are participating in the 2010-2011 National Service Project, because together, we can make a big impact! To help make that impact visible, please bring a poster representing your program’s 2010-2011 USO National Service Project(s). This is entirely optional, but the more projects and the more posters, the better!

Poster Specifications: Maximum size: 22"x 28". Feature school name prominently, such as in a headline, and include project title(s). Add photos, newspaper clippings, project descriptions, screen shots, etc. Poster may be a collage on poster board (any color) or a desk-top published poster mounted on poster board. Limit one poster per school. All posters will be displayed on a National Service Project wall at the Conference.

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