Pre-Conference Activities

The pre-conference activities portion of the Program Impact Assessment accounts for 10% of your overall score. Following are the requirements.

Register Your School by November 17

A facilitator registering for the conference by November 17 fulfills this requirement.

Submit Program/Project Photos by December 15

To receive credit, your school must email at least three (3) digital photos in high resolution, JPEG format to Photo tips: The best photos show students interacting/working together on projects and/or using technical equipment. Small groups, shot close-up work best. Look for candid action shots, not posed or looking at camera. Include visual representations of the project: computer screen, print-­outs of maps or other graphics, cameras, GPS units.

In addition to the three digital still shots, you may also include brief video clips (QuickTime or .avi format) of similar concepts. Contact for submission instructions if the files are too large to send via email.

There is no limit on how many photos or video files you may submit.

Register Students and Chaperone by January 26

Make sure all students and chaperone are registered by January 26. Students must be registered to sign up for breakout sessions, published in early February. The EAST Initiative also needs final headcounts to order printed conference items. 

Changes to your registration after January 26. The number of students attending is important for the EAST Initiative’s planning purposes. If you must change your team roster, there is no need to notify us, but be sure to bring correct name tags. We will correct your roster during on-site registration on Tuesday, March 1. If your number of attendees changes (i.e. you registered 8 students but will only be bringing 7), please notify us as soon as possible. Thank you!

Project Database Participation by February 11

The Project Database is a valuable resource and we hope schools continue to share EAST projects throughout the year. Each program must have at least one (1) new project displayed (loaded after July 1, 2010) by February 11 to receive credit.  

Facilitators manage the project upload process and can access the status of their project by selecting the Edit Project/View Status tab. It is important to complete this requirement early in the year, to allow time for your submission to be reviewed and to make any corrections or additions necessary. 

To Add a Project

  1. Facilitators, log in to (only facilitators can manage projects)
  2. You can access the form by going directly to or by clicking on “My EAST” and then choosing “Project Database” 
  3. Complete the form.
  4. Click “Submit Project”.

Use the guidelines below to ensure your projects are chosen for display.

Project Upload Guidelines

  • Have all form fields been filled?
  • Are answers detailed and complete, but concise?
  • Does the project include the EAST essentials: self-direction, teamwork,— and especially — service and technology?
  • Was the use of each technology or software application described? (What did you use it for?)
  • Is the submission clearly written, without major grammar or punctuation errors?
  • If project is fundraising-focused, have you included the use of innovation, problem-solving skills, and classroom resources that qualify it as an EAST project?
  • Are you comfortable displaying this project to the public as a representation of your EAST program?
  • Use the instructions below to upload at least one current project that exhibit the essentials of EAST.  

To view the status or edit the projects after submitting, select the “Edit Project/View Status” tab on this page.  

Complete PIA Online Submission by February 2

The Online Submission is a vital portion of the Program Impact Assessment. Facilitators may access the submission form at any time to begin planning. Content may be added beginning in January, on your My Planner page. This information will be provided to the judging team before the conference so they may familiarize themselves with your program. A brief history of your program and summaries (200-300 words each) will be required in several categories. Please be as specific and as detailed as possible.  

Tip: To avoid losing your summaries online if an error occurs, complete them in a Word document before filling out the form online. If re-submitting is required you can easily copy and paste the text.

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