Application Packet & Submission Instructions

Applications not meeting the requirements listed below will not be considered! Follow all instructions exactly.

A complete application packet includes a letter of recommendation, video presentation, a signed video release form and supporting documents in the form of an appendix.

1. Letter of Recommendation

Letter should be typed (maximum one page) and include the reviewer’s name, title, and organization; when the submission packet was reviewed; relationship with the EAST program; and examples of why this program should be considered for the Founder’s Award.

2. Video Presentation

Use video to tell the story of your EAST program. Highlight how the program addresses the judging criteria and include a brief look to the future of the program. This presentation, once submitted, is the final version and cannot be edited or updated after submission. If your program is a winner, video will be shown at Awards Banquet.

  • Length: At least five (5) minutes and no longer than seven (7) minutes.
  • Media: DVD. Must play on a standard home DVD player. Make sure to test on multiple players before submitting. If it does not play, it cannot be judged. 
  • Technical Merit: Good production value is crucial. Standard video components are required, including excellent sound quality (volume levels, minimal background noise, proper music mix/levels, etc.) and composition (framing, lighting, etc).  Special effects are accepted but not necessary to win. Ultimately the video needs to tell a compelling story in an attractive manner, focus on content not on special effects.
  • Music use: Student-created, royalty free, and copyrighted music with documented permission are the only acceptable uses of music in your presentation. Include documentation if you are using copyrighted music. 

Video TIPS (not requirements)

  • Consider using secondary footage (B-Roll) to enhance longer interviews.
  • Research techniques from video professionals.
  • Great information is out there. Search for “video production 101“ if you are having problems finding what you are looking for.
  • Sequence your video with variety: tight, medium, wide shots as well as cut-away shots. Make 50 percent of shots tight, 25 percent medium and 25 percent wide.
  • Remember the 80:20 ratio (80 percent b-roll and 20 percent interviews). 
  • Use of text can be powerful if used wisely.
  • Have fun! It typically shows in the final product.

5-7 minutes is a very short time in which to demonstrate the vastness of your program! Be concise; focus on the absolute best key elements of your program. Don’t get lost in details of individual projects.

The judging committee will view your video presentation and then review the support documention in the appendix.

3.  Video Release Form 

After the Conference, EAST may choose to use your video as a promotional tool, which requires a signed release from your school. The signed release must be included with application packet.

Video Release Form

4. Appendix

The appendix contains supporting documentation and evidence of the criteria mentioned above and referenced in your video. Include multiple examples. The judging committee is well-versed in EAST methods; it is not necessary to explain the general concept of EAST unless using this documentation for purposes other than this competition. 


  • Table of contents: Organized list, in outline format, of items contained in the portfolio.
  • Supporting documentation: Examples: press releases, letters of commendation, newspaper articles, photographs and/or screen shots with a brief narrative caption, PowerPoint slides, project descriptions, copies of awards received, quotes, etc.

Format Options: Electronic or Printed

Documentation may be submitted electronically on DVD or printed and organized in a binder not exceeding 2 inches thick. Binders larger than 2 inches will be disqualified. 

Electronic Appendix Submission                                Printed Appendix Submission


The judges will be looking for the “total package” with an eye to the overall educational environment that makes student achievement possible—not just one project. Please address all of the criteria even if your program strengths lie in just one or two areas. Only schools that address all of the judging criteria will be considered for awards.

Share your complete application packet with someone who is involved with your EAST program — an administrator, community member, business leader, etc. several weeks before the deadline. Allow ample time for feedback and revisions. 

  • Do they understand the overall concept of the program?
  • Does the story have a good flow?
  • Is their interest piqued, leading them to look deeper through the appendix materials?
  • Is the entire program represented?
  • Did they miss important events?
  • Did they miss the story?
  • Watch them review; do they have to go back and re-read? What do their expressions and body language say?

Application Packet Submission Instructions

Completed application packets (letter of recommendation, video presentation, video release form, and additional evidence within the appendix) must be RECEIVED at the EAST office by Wednesday, January 19.  Allow ample time for shipping.  If delivering in person, they must be at the EAST office no later than 5:00 PM, CST. Packets received after this date will not be eligible for competition.

If mailing, send to:

Founder's Award Committee
c/o EAST Initiative
8201 Ranch Boulevard, Suite B-1
Little Rock, Arkansas 72223

Founder’s Award Submission Checklist

— Letter of intent submitted by November 17
— Packet contents in correct order
— Copies of documents included in packet, retained originals
— All judging criteria addressed in presentation
— Video tested on multiple standard home DVD players
— Application critiqued by others
— Signed Video Release form included in packet 
— Letter of Recommendation included in packet
— Entire application tells story of your EAST program                                                               
— If printed, appendix does not exceed 2 inches
— Complete application packet received at EAST office by 5:00 PM January 19

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