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Manage conference deadlines by watching the forums and announcement blog and by viewing and printing all deadlines here. Remember additional deadlines may be added in the coming months, so be sure to reprint as necessary. A handy list of deadlines can also be found at the right side of this page. 

Facilitator Advisory Committee’s Conference Recommendations for 2011

The Facilitator Conference Advisory Committee’s conference recommendations report, the result of a Summer Seminar open discussion, is now available. Click on link below for downloadable PDF.

Recommendations for 2011

Tips & Tricks

Conference Planning Tips & Tricks  This collection of tips and tricks has been provided by your peers and EAST staff to help you plan and prepare for the EAST Conference. Don’t forget the EAST forums at, where there is a huge knowledge base from facilitators who are also preparing for this event.

If you have something to add, please email your tips to Thank you!

Make Your Own Conference Invitation

To invite school administration, parents, community leaders — or anyone — to view the exhibits and visit your booth at Conference, use this Microsoft Word template. Or, use the header and footer jpg images with software of your choice. (Header and footer are designed to be used at 100% size on an 8.5 x 11 page.)

Budget Template (New)

Two budget templates have been prepared to help you plan your conference expenses.  The first is very detailed with sub categories, quantity, projected costs and actual costs.  Thia may be more than you need but useful if you like having every item listed. The second is condensed but still provides you with an understanding of what your conference expenses may be.  Feel free to adjust the categories, specific items and "pretend" costs provided as some may not apply to your EAST program.    

Budget Template - Detailed                                    Budget Template - Simple

Using a budget to track your event expenses will assist you in determining how much money each student should bring with them to conference.

Shared Documents

Resources in this section have been shared by EAST facilitators over the past several years.  If you have something to add, please email Thanks!

Guideline Example

Van Buren High School 2009

Student Selection (New)

 Sylvan Hills Audition Guidelines and Rubric

Dumas High School Application

Conference Team Schedule Examples

Ashdown High School

Dardanelle High School

Hamburg High School (includes permission form)

Mena Middle School

Prairie Grove Middle School

Rose Bud High School

Russellville High School

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