Technical Support Team

The Technical Support Team plays an important role in helping the conference run smoothly. The team assists in the set-up, support, and break-down of equipment in all breakout sessions. Members of the team also provide technical support to schools, vendors and EAST staff on the exhibit floor as needed. Being a part of this team gives a great behind-the-scenes view of what it takes to make the conference a success.

Experience Required / Desired


  • Minimum of one full year in EAST
  • Work well in teams
  • Ability to multitask
  • Participation on EAST forums
  • System administrator preferred
  • Friendly, outgoing and articulate


  • Peripheral set-up (i.e., mouse, keyboard, monitor and projector)
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Products, especially Power Point
  • Laptop wireless configuration
  • Physical ability (i.e., lifting 30 pounds and connecting cables, etc.)

Nominations for Technical Support Team

Applicants for the team must be nominated by a facilitator. Letter of recommendation should include the following:

  • Why the nominee should be considered for the position (provide examples of their experience in and outside your classroom)
  • Does the nominee meet the experience requirements?
  • Past experience/roles the nominee has held that would benefit him/her in the position
  • Phone number of nominee and days and times they can be reached (preferably during the school day)
  • E-mail address of nominee

One unique letter per student nominee must be submitted.

Please e-mail nomination letters to by Wednesday, December 8.

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