Poster Competition

Student-created posters are a perfect way to showcase creativity and display your experiences in the EAST classroom. Two categories are available for this competition.

Specific EAST Projects — Focusing on a specific project or projects. Photos, maps, screenshots or other graphics created for the project(s) may be included. Try to convey the who, what, where, when of the project, as well as the collaboration, growth and innovation that went into it.

General EAST Concept — Promoting Conference, your specific EAST program or EAST in general. May use current conference logo/theme or local program logo. Try to address the EAST essentials of self-direction, teamwork, service and technology as well as any other facets that you choose.

Below: 2010 Poster Competition Winner, Recycle by Jeffrey Balch, Newport High School

Poster Competition Guidelines

Posters should be original and completely student-created. You must have permission to use any graphics or photos included if not student-created. Royalty-free images are fine. Research copyright laws if you are unsure.

Size/Orientation: Posters must be 30" x 40" and can be submitted in portrait or landscape orientation. Be sure to double check the size of your poster before you submit. Those not meeting exact size requirements will be disqualified.

File Format: All submissions must be in JPEG file format (.jpg). Other file types will not be accepted.

Tip: Share design ideas with your peers, facilitator, family and others to get feedback before creating your final design. Be sure they understand the message behind your design. Have someone view and proof the final design as well. Spelling and grammatical errors count against you and may disqualify your design!

Submission Instructions

Deadline for submitting all posters is Wednesday, January 12.

To submit a design, follow the two-part process below. This includes uploading your poster file to our FTP site and then sending an e-mail notifying us that you have entered the competition.

Uploading Your Poster

  1. Name your submission: (first initial)LastName_SchoolName.jpg (i.e. mridlon_GlobalHighSchool.jpg)
  2. Using My Computer, go to
  3. When the login box pops up, type east\poster for the username and e@st_ftp for the password
  4. Hit the Enter key on your keyboard, or click the Log On button on your screen. You may now drag and drop or copy and paste your file into this area to complete the process.

Once you have placed your poster in this folder, you will not be able to delete or make any changes to the file.

E-mail Notification

After uploading your poster file please send an e-mail to containing the following information:

  1. Name of designer(s)
  2. File name
  3. Submission Category (Project or EAST as identified above)
  4. School name
  5. Facilitator name and email address
  6. Brief description of poster, including the idea behind the design.

If submitting more than one design, please send a separate e-mail for each entry.

Note: When your submission is complete and has been received, you will receive a “thank you” e-mail.

Judging Process and Finalist Details

Approved posters will be reviewed by a panel of judges, with finalists chosen and announced prior to the Conference. If your poster is chosen as a finalist, you will be required to bring a printed copy, mounted on foam board (size 30" x 40") with a title and description card, to the Conference for display. Turn the poster and card in during registration.

Title Card Specifics

Submit the following information on an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of white card stock with your poster.

  • Student name(s), 18-pt. font
  • School name, 18-pt. font
  • Facilitator name, 16-pt. font
  • Software used, 16-pt. font
  • Poster description. What was the inspiration behind the design? Tell how the poster came together. 12-pt. font

Tip: If traveling a long distance, ship your poster ahead of time or contact a school closer to Hot Springs for help in getting it printed and delivered to convention center.

All finalist posters will become the property of EAST. Winners will be recognized on Tuesday, March 2 during the Opening Plenary.







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