Music Competition

If you are an EAST student and enjoy creating music in FL Studio, Garage Band, Logic or other programs in the EAST classroom, then this opportunity is for you! Selected student-created music will be featured during the Opening Plenary and Banquet.

Type of Music Needed

  • Music without words or vocals, suitable for a broad audience (from students to corporate guests)
  • Music from all genres
  • :30-:45-second clips (for use in stage transitions)
  • Full-length compositions. Maximum length 3 minutes (for use before and after the evening session). Submissions exceeding the maximum length will not be accepted. 


  • Music must be original. See Copyright Laws specific to music. Facilitators will be notified of students violating copyright laws.
  • Must be in .mp3 format
  • Name the selection properly by right clicking on the .mp3 folder and choosing the details tab. Drag your mouse over the following sections to update as indicated below. Once complete, choose OK.
    • Title: The name of your song or selection
    • Artist: Name of composer(s)
    • Album: School name
  • Multiple selections from a single composer are acceptable, but do not submit several variations of the same selection.
  • Listen to your submission to check volume levels.
  • Ask for feedback from friends, peers, your facilitator, families and others before submitting. 

Submission Instructions

Deadline for submitting music is Wednesday, January 26. Deadlines are strictly enforced to provide fairness and a real-world atmosphere to all participants.

To submit music, follow the two-part process below. This includes uploading your music (in .mp3 format) to our FTP site and then sending an e-mail as notification that you have entered the competition.

Uploading Music

  1. Name your submission: School Name_First initialLast Name_Song Title.mp3 (i.e. GlobalHighSchool_mridlon_mysong.mp3)
  2. Using My Computer, go to
  3. When the login box pops up type east\music for the username and e@st_ftp for the password
  4. Hit the Enter key on your keyboard, or click the Log On button on your screen. You may now drag and drop or copy and paste your file into this area to complete the process.

Once you have placed your music into this folder, you will not be able to delete or make any changes to the file. You may choose to put your files in one common folder. To do this, right click to create a new folder and rename the folder as indicated above, minus the song title. 

E-mail Notification Process

Once you have uploaded your music file, send an e-mail to containing the following information:

  • Name of composer(s)
  • Title of your music selection(s) with track numbers if needed
  • Genre
  • Length of piece
  • School Name
  • Facilitator name and email address
  • Inspiration behind the music

You may send one email notification per day for multiple submissions.

Note: When your submission is complete and received, you will receive a “thank you” e-mail.

Tip: Plan ahead to get your submission in by the deadline, which is strictly enforced! Upload music at least one week before deadline to prevent technical difficulties or other unforeseen circumstances from causing you to miss the deadline!

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