Application Showcase Competitions

Thanks to generous EAST supporters, last year several thousand dollars worth of software, services and awards were given to outstanding student projects and EAST programs. By sponsoring and hosting an Application Showcase, these supporters help demonstrate the incredible skills that EAST students possess and the impact they make on their communities.

The Process

  1. Students complete the application and submit it along with any other supporting materials by Wednesday, January 19.
  2. Competition host judges will select finalists or an overall winner.
  3. If finalists are chosen, they may be contacted by the competition host prior to the conference, or may be asked to present to the judges on Tuesday, March 1  between 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM.
  4. Winners will be announced during the Opening Plenary on Tuesday, March 1. Actual awards will be presented during a special Awards Reception directly following.

Note:  Competition hosts reserve the right to cancel their competition if there are fewer than 5 entries.

2011 Application Showcase Competitions

Click on links for competition guidelines and applications.  Additional competitions coming soon.

Archway Systems – VersaCAD Competition

Do you have a project that needs a floor plan, a map or a design drawing?  Most of the time when you complete plans for a design they need to be done in 2d to show the person building project the detail of it.  If you are doing a project like a campus map, re-modeling a building, making plans to create something that is manufactured do it in VersaCAD and enter it into the showcase competition to show the EAST community what your projects are and maybe win some cool prizes too!

Arkansas Department of Education Creative Commercial

The purpose of this creative competition is to give the Arkansas Department of Education iTunes U a commercial promoting Arkansas on iTunes U. Use any and all technology available to you. The goal is to create a 28-45 second commercial convincing teachers and students to submit podcasts to the newly released Arkansas on iTunes U library.

Audubon Arkansas Natural Leader Competition

Regardless of income, interests, or backgrounds, we share the air, water, wildlife, and land.  We face serious challenges:  climate change, loss of habitat and biodiversity, water and air pollution, etc.   These challenges impact our health, economy, and quality of life.  Look at your community to assess its environmental strengths and challenges.  Choose a project that can benefit your local environment. 

Audubon Arkansas Talkin’ Trash Competition

What we consume matters.  Where it ends up matters.  Whether it is trash on the side of the road that floats to nearby streams or the trash that piles up in the local landfill, we impact the future.  Think about what we use and throw away.  Think about the paper at school, the items we burn for energy to consume the things we use, the food wrappers and waste, electronic waste, toxic waste, etc.  Create a video that explores trash and trashless solutions.

Bentley Systems Microstation Competition

Join EAST and Bentley Systems as we recognize the important role of the USO in improving the lives of our military families. Use your imagination to design the best possible USO facility, using Bentley’s 3D MicroStation software. You can create a completely new facility, or modify an existing one, as in the airport. Consider accessibility, form and function, efficiency, sustainability, and the environment. We look forward to seeing your excellent entries, and awarding the best one at EAST 2011.

Center for Advanced Spatial Technology 3D Laser Scanning Proposal Competition

Last year, the CAST competition was expanded to include equipment (like the ground-penetrating radar and the thermal imaging camera) that wasn't previously available.  For 2011, we're adding brand-new laser scanners that collect color images that can be projected on to the scan data! 

Submit a proposal telling us how one or more of the instruments identified in the competition brochure can be used in a project that your EAST program has.   The winning school will be announced at this year’s conference, and a CAST staff member will travel to the school for a two day session to assist students in using the technology and processing the data.

Digital Tech Frontier Virtual Reality Project Plan & Tour Competition

This competition is about using all your VRDL tools and more. Creating a virtual tour means not only capturing the world around you, but enhancing it with additional information (video, audio, stills, web links, skins). Build a tour that delivers information, helps the community, entertains, educates or teaches us something new. Maybe you’ve even found a new way to present a virtual tour! We are open to new and innovative ideas. Complete a tour with sight, sound, interaction and a good flow of information and you may find yourself in the winner’s circle!

You will be judged on all aspects of the tour and the skills you used in creating it. These could be skills that you picked up along the way or from other team members. The tour should not be simply a view of the world around you, but should have been created for a reason and include information on how it will be used and what you learned as well.

ESRI Global Information Systems (GIS) Competition

Geography is about three questions: "What's where? Why is it there? So what?" EAST students do powerful projects that solve geographic problems -- especially the "So what?" -- and in doing so help the community. The ESRI competition asks students to present the geographic analysis done with ESRI software (such as ArcView) in the course of their EAST project. We want to highlight projects that answer geographic questions thru thoughtful analysis, and present answers with effective cartography. These might be life-and-death projects like determining the best locations for new tornado sirens, or environmental projects like analyzing the benefits of local water storage for irrigation, or economic projects like constructing maps of local resources and services for tourist kiosks, or any of a million other projects. A good project will identify one or more key geographic issues, use the software to help determine the best way to improve things, and communicate the issue and resolution through effective visual display. (The geographic visualization and analysis needs to be done with ESRI technology in order to be considered in the ESRI competition, but some projects may also require the use of other technologies; in this case, the ESRI competition entry should clarify which tools were engaged for what purposes overall.)

Graphisoft ArchiCAD Competition

GRAPHISOFT invites you to participate in the annual ArchiCAD BIM Competition! Teams, of no more than three members, will have six weeks to design a building.  There are no limitations on style or size of the design.  Entries will be judged based on innovation and practicality.

A panel of professional architects will determine the winner.  Design intent, workflow, construction documents and rendering will all be considered.  Judges will also be looking for supporting documentation, description of design intent, and incorporation of 3D/BIM elements. Teams increase their chances of winning by including very detailed documentation.  Good Luck!

Hot Springs Documentary Film Institute Documentary Film Competition

Throw a stone and you are bound to hit a great story. Neighbors, relatives, friends-- everyone has something unique that they do or an interesting take on something more ordinary. In under ten minutes, make a documentary about any topic or person that interests you. If you are interested, chances are others will be too!

LSUS Animation and Visual Effects Program - Autodesk Softimage Competition

LSUS encourages small teams of 2-3 students to make a 15-30 second 3D animation using Softimage supporting one of their schools sports programs.

SAU Tech Multimedia Graphic Design Competition

Ready to show off your logo design skills and maybe win some prizes and recognition all at the same time?! Great! Here’s the competition you’ve been waiting for! Click on the link for more details.

Siemens PLU Software Solid Edge Competition

Gain global recognition in the Solid Edge 2011 EAST  Design Contest. Using Solid Edge, create the model of you choice and submit the design files and rendered image.   Make a statement and impress your friends, your teachers and future employers by entering the 2011 Solid Edge student Design Contest.  The winning design receives an iPod Touch mobile digital device.

UALR School of Mass Communication Website Design Competition

Many elementary, middle and high schools struggle to set up and maintain web site for communicating with their students, parents and communities.  Find schools in need of a web site (it may be a school web site, an online news/journalism site, or a site to show case a project or activity) build it and submit it to this web design contest.



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