Banquet Tickets & Seating

Guest Banquet Ticket Orders

As space allows, guest tickets for the Awards Banquet may be purchased by the general public or by EAST programs who invite members of their school, administration, parents or community partners.

Guest tickets: $42 each

EAST Facilitators: To reserve your guest banquet tickets (limit 10 guests per program), simply register a guest on your Conference PlannerThis will automatically generate an email to the EAST staff with your request.  An invoice will be sent to you by email. Once payment is received, your tickets will be placed in your registration bag available for pick up on Tuesday, March 1.

Ticket Order Deadline

The deadline to order tickets is Wednesday, February 9.  Payment must be received no later than Friday, February 11 or your reserved tickets will be cancelled. There will be no exceptions.

Tickets are refundable until Friday, February 11. There may be a limited number of tickets available for purchase at the conference if you miss the order deadline.

Special Dietary Needs

The formal dinner consists of salad, poultry entree, carbohydrate, and a vegetable, followed by dessert. Tea, water and coffee are served.  Please notify Melanie Ridlon by February 11 if you or other participants from your school require a vegetarian meal or have special diatery needs. 

Banquet Seating

The Banquet Hall will be divided into four (4) sections. Each section will be assigned a specific entrance door, seating time and colored banquet ticket. NOTE: Elementary students will enter at 5:55 at Group 4 (blue) door, regardless of ticket color.

Banquet Floor Layout

Doors will open at the times specified below. Be prepared for the time to fluctuate 5 to 10 minutes in either direction.

Elementary — 5:55 p.m. [Use Group 4 (blue) door]
Groups 1 (Green) & 3 (Yellow) — 6:00
Groups 2 (Orange) & 4 (Blue) — 6:15 p.m.

Note: The dark blue tables on seating chart are for VIPs. The red tables are for Founder’s Award Finalists.

For your convenience, the lobby doors will have roped-off sections to help facilitate group lines. Each table will have a tent card matching the colored banquet ticket in the designated section. Program participants and guests will not have assigned tables or seats but will be required to sit in their assigned section. Ushers will be available to help with the seating process.

Choosing Your Section

Conference guest registration will be closed after February 9. Your Program Impact Assessment online submissions have a date and time stamp. We will use this information and the number of registered attendees to assign each school to a section, beginning with the middle two sections (Groups 2 and 3). Once a section is full, we will move to the next section until all the sections are filled. If you prefer Sections 1 or 4 specifically, please email directly and we will do our best to accommodate this request.

Banquet tickets will be included in the registration bag received at the Conference registration desk. We will do our best to accommodate additional attendees by placing them at overflow tables within your assigned section. If all tables in your section are full, attendees will be seated in a different section.

Note: Facilitators will be asked to verify that their registration bags contain the correct number of banquet and T-shirt tickets. If an inaccuracy is found after registration, any missing tickets will have to be purchased separately.

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