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  • Check this page regularly for announcements and updates as we continue to make plans for Conference. I'll be posting notices that something has been added to a specific page of the website, a deadline is coming or an announcement has been made. Additional details can usually be found on the EAST forum.

Melanie Ridlon, Director of Training & Events


2/28/2011 - We are packing up the truck and heading to Hot Springs to set up for the 2011 EAST Conference!  We can't wait to celebrate with you this week.

2/25/2011 - The link for watching conference live has been posted.  We look forward to seeing who's tapping into the EAST Conference.

2/22/2011 - Be sure to check out the forum post by Tim Van Dusen with great technical tips for preparing for Conference.

2/20/2011 - During the conference discussion at the Summer Seminar, facilitators asked for EAST Initiative to send a letter to administrators before conference.  The request was for the letter to express high expectations in terms of full participation, transportation, professionalism and to bring them aware of the dress code.  A copy of the letter can be found on the forums. 

2/18/2011 - Booth Assignments and the Program Impact Assessment Judging Schedule have been updated once again. Hopefully this time it is 100% correct. I sincerely apologize for the confusion.

2/18/2011 - The Music Competition is complete. Thank you to all students who submitted music this year. Composers of this year's event soundtrack have been announced. Congratulations!

2/17/2011 - Conference Guidelines & Last Minute Reminders have been posted.  All conference participants should review this page to make sure you are ready for the big event.

2/15/2011 - Harrisburg High School EAST students created a Dress Guidelines Video that is very informative and entertaining at the same time. Thanks Harrisburg High School!!  Check it out on the Dress Guidelines page.

2/15/2011 - Double check your booth number today as a few were adjusted (specifically in the LR school district).  Also, be sure your school name is spelled correctly as we will use this list to print the name cards for your booths. Thanks!

2/14/2011 - The PIA Judging schedule has been updated. The start time was wrong so everyone's judging time has been shifted 30 minutes. Really sorry about any confusion this causes in advance. Thanks!

2/14/2011 - Breakout Session Registration is now live.  You may register on your My Planner page through February 23.

2/13/2011 - Alumni "Live" Video Competition - Student Participants Announced

2/11/2011 — Reserve your National Service Project poster space by MONDAY, Feb. 14!

2/10/2011  - The PIA judging schedule has been posted. Remember this is a working copy and times may shift if required.

2/10/2011 - The status of each application showcase competition is now listed on the website. As finalists or winners are chosen we will let you know by updating this page.

2/7/2011 - February 9 - Ticket Order Deadline for both Banquet Tickets and advanced Trout Fishing in America Tickets. Payments are due Friday to keep reservation.  Also, Friday, February 11 is the last date to get credit for your projects displayed in the project database for PIA.

2/4/2011 - Booth assignments are posted!  The exhibit hall layout has been linked on the booth guideline page.

2/2/2011 — We plan to make a big visual statement by displaying all of your National Service Project/USO project posters (1 per school) at Conference. Please email to confirm your display space. See National Service Project page for poster specifications. Remember, participation in the National Service Project is one component of the Program Impact Assessment participation requirements. And many of you have submitted your projects for display on the EAST National Service Project website. Thank you all for your participation! We look forward to seeing the visual representation of all your combined efforts!

2/2/2011 - Please check your rosters to make sure your quantities are correct.  Email Melanie Ridlon if you need us to update your roster by adding a student or chaperone.  You can still add banquet guests through February 9.  We are about to begin working on the banquet seating plan and need to have a good idea on the participant numbers for each school. Thanks!

2/2/2011 - Important announcement related to collection & fundraising at conference.

2/2/2011 - Announcing the 2011 Founder's Award Finalists.  Congratulations!!

2/1/2011 - February is here and we are one month away from our biggest and most exciting event of the year.  We hope you are starting to get excited.  Here are a few important deadline reminders:

1/31/2011 - Deadline Reminder - The PIA Online Submission must be completed by February 2 to have this additional information provided to the judges.  See the post on the forums for further details.

1/27/2011 — Poster Competition finalists have been posted. Go to Student Competitions section to see qualifying posters —and a new feature in Poster Competition this year!

1/24/2011 - We have had a few questions specifically on how do students register for conference.  Students should login to the conference website and go to the "My Planner" page to register. This is the same process that facilitators used.  Hope this helps.

1/24/2011 - Big deadline week!!  This Wednesday marks the following deadlines:

  • Student & Chaperone Registration

Make sure all students and chaperone are registered by January 26. Students must be registered to sign up for breakout sessions, published in early February. The EAST Initiative also needs final headcounts to order printed conference items.  Changes to your registration after January 26. The number of students attending is important for the EAST Initiative’s planning purposes. If you must change your team roster, there is no need to notify us, but be sure to bring correct name tags. We will correct your roster during on-site registration on Tuesday, March 1. If your number of attendees changes (i.e. you registered 8 students but will only be bringing 7), please notify us as soon as possible. Thank you!

  • Upload Image Release Forms - You may upload image release forms through Wednesday.  If you haven't uploaded your form by this date, please bring a signed copy with you to conference. The advantages to uploading in advance is that it is one less thing to have to bring to the conference in March and it will be saved in the system for future use. Chaperones (registered conference attendees with no EAST login) should bring their signed form to the Conference and turn it in at registration
  • Alumni Live Video Competition Application Deadline
  • Student- Created Music Competition Submissions

1/12/2011 - Poster Competition Deadline today.  Remember, both the Application Showcase Competitions and the Founder's Award deadline is next week, January 19.

1/6/2011 - Competitions, competitions, and more competitions!  Several competition deadlines are taking place this month. Plan early and get your submissions in by the deadlines.

  • Poster Competition - January 12 (remember to check the sizes before submitting)
  • 14 Different Application Showcase Competitions - January 19 (review all guidelines before submitting)
  • Founder's Award Competition - January 19
  • Alumni Live Video Competition Applications - January 26
  • Music Submissions - January 26 (For the shorter submissions, make sure that the pace and volumn work well as a transition piece that will be used on stage for quick transitions.)

1/3/2011 - Happy New Year and welcome back.  Facilitators, you may now begin responding to the PIA online submission questions.  Remember, these responses will be printed and sent to your team of judges before the conference so they can begin familiarizing themselves with your program.   Completing this form by February 2 does fulfill a Pre-Conference requirement.  

12/21/2010 - Many deadlines coming your way in January. Don't let them slip by you by knocking them out early!  Facilitators, the PIA online submission will be available to begin responding the first week in January.  EAST is looking for facilitators to volunteer 3-4 hours to assist as a PIA judge. Please email Melanie if you are interested or need more details. We are also accepting proposals for facilitators and students to host a breakout session until January 5. Happy Holidays!

12/21/2010 - Ambassador Team Meeting date moved to February 8.

12/17/2010 - EAST was excited to see a large number of applicants for the conference leadership teams!  Thank you very much for wanting to help in a big way at conference.  Team members for the Ambassador, Documentation, and Technical Support student teams have been announced.  Details will be emailed to the facilitators and students next week. Congratulations!

12/15/2010 - Today is the deadline to submit at least three photos for the PIA Pre-Conference Requirement.  Remember to include your school name so we know who sent the photos.  Don't let this deadline stop you from continuing to share great photos of your EAST program.  We will continue accepting them until much closer to the conference. At least one photo from each school who participated will be represented in a slide show we share during the Opening Plenary and Banquet seating.

12/6/2010 - Leadership Team Submission deadlines are this Wednesday, December 8.  The next deadline to remember is coming up next week, December 15th when all schools will email at least 3 photos to fullfill the PIA Photo Submission requirement

12/6/2010 - A new and final competition has been added to the Application Showcase Competitions.  LSUS hosts a 3D Animation competition. Submissions due January 19.  Also, the Ambassador Team Meeting has been set for Monday, January 31. 

12/03/2010 – Just added: Alumni Live Video Competition and HSDI Documentary Film Competition! Also be sure to check the specifications for USO project posters, for the National Service Project celebration wall at conference.

11/30/2010Leadership Team Submissions & Nominations are all due December 8th!  Please be sure to plan ahead and get your submissions in on time.  Thanks!

11/19/2010 – Order tickets in advance to see "Trout Fishing in America" LiveTickets are $5 each if ordered by February 9th.  This is a fun and interactive concert which will add a nice ending to the first day of Conference. We hope to see you there!

11/16/2010 – The Arkansas Department of Education is hosting a Creative Commercial Competition. Details have been posted.  Also, tomorrow is the deadline to submit your Founder's Award Letter of Intent and for facilitators to register. Remember registering by the deadline fulfills one component of the PIA Pre-Conference Activities.

11/8/2010 – Wednesday, November 17 is the deadline to submit your Founder's Award Letter of Intent and for facilitators to register. Remember registering by the deadline fulfills one component of the PIA Pre-Conference Activities.

11/8/2010 – Several more Application Showcase Competitions have been added this morning.  We still anticipate a few more in the next few weeks so keep checking back.

10/18/2010 – Six (6) Application Showcase Competitions have been added. Additional competitions will be added over the next few weeks as receive final details from competition hosts. 

10/12/2010Conference website & registration now live!!  Be sure to review all of the information on this website as we have made several exciting changes for 2011.  Also, a new search feature and site map has been added to assist with navigating through the website.

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